Winterizing an R.V-Sept 2014

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Winterizing an R.V.

      It’s that time of year again. Time to get the R.V winterized and put away for the winter.  Winterizing can be a simple process that will ensure that all the plumbing lines won’t freeze and will be ready to use next year with no leaks.

      There are many ways to winterize your R.V. The two most common ways are with compressed air or antifreeze. I prefer to use compressed air so that there is no antifreeze left in the lines to taint the water.

The first step is to drain your fresh water tank and water heater. The Grey and black holding tanks should already be dumped and flushed. After your water heater has drained reinsert the drain plug. Now you will need to enter air into the lines to blowout all of the water. The easiest way that I’ve found is to attach the air through the city hook up with an air fitting to garden hose adapter. You will want to use about 45 p.s.i. Once the air has been connected, open each faucet individually until all the water has been evacuated and only air comes out. Be sure to do the low point drains, inside shower and outside shower. If your R.V is equipped with an Ice maker, dishwasher or washing machine you will want to cycle them also. Now you can remove the compressed air hose. I like to leave each faucet and the low point drains open. You will also want to remove the drain plug on the water heater. Since there is no way to get the water out of the head of the water pump you will need to pump 1 cup of R.V. antifreeze through it. Now you will want to fill all of the P-traps full of antifreeze.

This isn’t a difficult task to perform however it needs to be done properly to avoid frozen pipes and tanks. I encourage my customers to let us perform this service as we guarantee no freeze damage. Expect to pay $70-$90 for a complete winterization.

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   Kyle Jukes

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