Upgrading to LED Light Bulbs-July 2014

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Upgrading to LED Light Bulbs

  For this month’s R.V. owners monthly tip I want to keep it simple and talk about a quick and relatively inexpensive way to save power and prolong your batteries charge.

  LED’s have come a long way over the past years and are finally becoming an affordable option to replace your dull incandescent bulbs. LED’s come in different shades and brightness levels to accommodate anyone’s preference and are available for all your interior or exterior light fixtures. Here is the best part about these bulbs…THEY DRAW ONLY 1/10th THE AMPERAGE OF INCANDESCENT BULBS!

  LED bulbs can be purchased at all your trailer supply stores or ordered online, however beware of cheap China bulbs. Plan on spending between $10-$20 per bulb.

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