Installing a Sewer Tank Flusher- June 2014

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Installing a sewer tank flusher

For this month’s soon to be world famous “Tip of The Month” I wanted to give a suggestion to making everyone’s trip to the dump station a little easier.  With the addition of a sewer tank flusher, getting the inside of your black tank will never be easier.

Most Trailers purchased recently already have these installed. But if you have a trailer that doesn’t have one I strongly recommend installing one. The principal behind these flushers is quite simple. They are basically a sprinkler that is mounted inside of your trailers black holding tank with a plumbing line (usually included) routed to the outside of the trailer.  This is where you can hook up a standard garden hose to the fitting and flush the tank clean. These flushers also work great for dislodging toilet paper from the monitor panel probes. 

  Plan on spending $25-$35 on a quality tank flusher and spending about an hour for installation. Installing a sewer tank flusher is relatively easy to install and can be done by most handy men. Please note that there are some special tools required so you may elect to have your local R.V. shop install it for you.

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