Installing a power Tongue Jack-August 2014

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Installing a power tongue Jack

    Hooking up your trailer should NOT be a strenuous aerobic activity, but with a manual tongue jack it will become just that. I have broken a sweat  far too often using one of these jacks.  Up and down, hook up the equalizer then up and down again. All you campers know how it goes. Well times have changed and with the change comes power jacks. These jacks go up and down with just the touch of the switch. They also come with a nifty light for night time loading and unloading.

    Installing a power tongue jack can be one of the easiest and most beneficial add on’s that you can do. First thing that you will need to do is support the front of the trailer to take the weight off of the jack. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO BEFORE REMOVING THE MANUAL  JACK! Then simply remove the three bolts and install the new jack with the new bolts. The positive wire will need to be fused and hooked up directly to the positive terminal of the battery. There is no need for a negative wire as it is grounded through the jack. Tidy up your wires to be sure they don’t interfere with anything and won’t be dragging the ground and voila your done.

    Most of these jacks will cost between $200-$400 depending on brand, features, and capacity. Be sure to match the weight capacity of your new jack to the  tongue weight of your trailer. Expect to pay a shop one hour labor to have one of these installed.

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