De-Winterizing a R.V. May 2014

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De-Winterizing a R.V.

  Properly de-winterizing your R.V. can help start off a trouble free camping season. When you first get your R.V. out of hibernation from the winter months there is several things that should be performed to get the unit in shape for the camping season. I’ve created a list of what I consider to be the most important things to get the unit back on the trail.

  PLUMBING- Depending on how the unit was winterized there could be a lot of anti-freeze left in the water lines, water heater, and water pump. I like to flush the water system with the city hook up and then follow it up with a water/bleach solution into the tank and use the water pump to flush the system again. You can add 1 cup of bleach to a full water tank. I try to use the outside shower, low point drains, and the water heater to flush the lines thoroughly so I don’t fill up the holding tanks. You will want to let the inside faucets run slightly to get those lines flushed also. *Be sure to keep an eye out for broken plumbing lines inside and outside! Drain the water tank and add more fresh water, flushing out the lines until the smell of bleach is gone. Be sure to check your water heater anode rod (if equipped) and replace it if it’s been consumed.

  BATTERIES- Batteries should be stored fully charged or with a maintainer on them. Be sure to check the fluid level of the acid and add distilled water to the cells if they are low. It’s a good time to plug the trailer in and give them a charge while you perform other tasks.

  TIRES- Check the air pressure in all the tires including the spare tire. Don’t forget to have the bearings packed if needed!

  ROOF- I like to give the roof a good examination to make sure there are no tears or seams that need to be fixed. Be sure to check all of the sealers on the roof for cracking and splitting. Clean up and touch up these areas using the same sealer that was applied the first time or completely remove the sealer and apply new sealer.

  If you perform these tasks every spring, I’m confident you will be spending more time in the campgrounds and less time in the repair shop. Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s soon to be world famous “R.V. Monthly Owners Tip!”

Kyle Jukes

General Manager

Straightline R.V. Repair, Inc.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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