April 2018

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After a few false starts and not being a electrical wiz I decided to have Straightline finish the solar install job I started. Not everyone is willing to pick up a job someone else started but Kyle had no issues with this. I went over what I wanted, handed over the components I had purchased and he made suggestions as to what he thought would work best. A week later I was checking out his work and he did a fabulous job. All the wires were wrapped in wire shield, all holes in the floor were well sealed and a hole he cut in the wall for a switch is so perfect I can’t even figure out what kind of tool he used and I’ve done custom building my whole life. While Kyle had the fridge out to run the solar cables, he repaired a drain hose at no extra cost. I will definitely take my RV to these guys again with no concerns whatsoever……Leo Dyksman via Facebook